Janet and Raymond Key
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We can arrange airport pick-ups and help with any other part of your holiday.

Please email with any questions!

Payment: A 20% deposit is required to secure your booking and this is only refundable at the owner’s discretion. The balance with £200 bond added, is due 6 weeks prior to holiday commencement date.  Arrivals: 15:00 hours Saturday Departures: 10:00 hours prompt Saturday,  We ask you to keep to these times because we need time to prepare the Chalet ready for the incoming guests.  Travel insurance: The owners have a standard house insurance, which covers their own Fire and Theft. It is the responsibility of the occupants to have in place, their own insurance to cover theft, damage, illness, accidents and travel etc. Most travel insurance companies will be able to give you a quote for this.  Cleaning Service: The owners provide a (change over)  service prior to your arrival to clean the chalet plus a weekly linen change each Saturday. A daily or twice weekly maid service can be arranged at an extra cost.  Bond Payment.A £200.00 pound bond is added to the balance, due six weeks before your holiday commencement. This bond payment is to cover breakages, damage or any infringements of the conditions mentioned below, this bond payment will be refunded in full after clearance from Property Manager. If there are problems, we will advise you on the amounts you owe in extras to get your agreement before we then return the deducted balance.
What the Owners provide.When we have received your full payment and bond, this will then entitle you to the keys to the Chalet and we provide a map, address and full instructions on just how to get there. When you arrive you will find the Chalet in a clean and sanitised condition for you and your guests to enjoy.
Warning it is an explicit term of our condition's that you leave the chalet & grounds in a similar manor, failure to do so comprises an infringement of the bond and you will be charged for whatever extra time it takes our cleaners to put it back as you found it. We do not mean to our standard, but to a reasonable level of tidiness, in particular in the cooking areas. We also provide the telephone number of the property manager for emergencies. 
What you provide.We require a list of every guest along with their age, this is for safety reasons and we cannot allow any additional guest than those you provide to us.
On leaving the Chalet.There are no rubbish bin collections in France as in the UK and you are expected to deposit your rubbish in the large wheelie bin situated on the main road across the road from the driveway. Please keep an eye out for the local recycling bins where you can take plastics, bottles etc. Warning, if you leave you rubbish anywhere on the Chalet site this will be considered an infringement of the bond and we will charge you for the removal which takes time and cost's money.
Please do not consider these terms and conditions as army camp types of instructions, we appreciate that you are on holiday and that you are there to enjoy yourselves. We have had the odd unfortunate situation which necessitates for these types of conditions to be introduced and we will enforce them on the few inconsiderate guests who abuse the Chalet when staying with us.

All cheques made payable to MRS JANET LAMONT